Ajay Koshti 

Hii This is ajay Koshti. this is my first blog. I am seo and web desiging expert. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Ajay koshti
Ajay koshti

it is process of getting traffic on web. search engine is used to increase our website visitors.

there are lots of search engine like google, yahoo, bing, wikipedia, baidu, exite and ask.com but motly we daily use google, bing and yahoo. the google pririty is very high than other search engine. in search engine we can descibe how to get our website on ranking. in seach engine we can try to make quality website.

In simple way search engine means you can type a question on google, bing, yahoo in whatever search your website display in front page of google.  the search engine is work like a algoritham. that algoritham match your all data in server with your query.

we can discuss on seo in my next blog. i think all of you like my first blog, if any mistake so sorry guys please comment on this otherwise mail me on ajaykoshticomputerking@gmail.com or contact me directly on 9662987249.

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